Dalia Amara x ACLU

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Images © Dalia Amara

ALL proceeds from these prints will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union

1. Assimilation, 2016
2. Modified Balloon, 2016
3. Home for the Holidays, 2015
4. Hugging a Balloon, 2015
5. Makeup Abstracts, 2016

Image size: 5.34x8”
Paper size: 8.5x11"
Archival Digital Inkjet Print, OE

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"When Trump is threatening so much of what truly makes our country great, it is difficult to pick just one organization to support in this fundraiser. I chose the American Civil Liberties Union because of their fast response, and needed resistance to the Muslim ban, a fight which is sadly far from over. This ban impacts us all, from our basic humanity to our greater culture and society."